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المعلومات غير متوفرة
المعلومات غير متوفرة


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    Ein Network ..

    Ein Network ..



    The Iraqi Election Information Network "EIN" is : a nongovernmental , Independent and Non-profit organization.

    It aims to establish the democracy values & concepts. It's established in November 2004 by group of activists and experts in civil society, elections monitoring and human rights.


    The purpose of its establishing is for monitoring the democracy changes in Iraq through monitoring the election process with highly neutrality & objectivity, for considering the ballot boxes as the final decision in determine the elected authorities.

    In addition for its specialization in monitoring the elections, "EIN" is working now with group of local organizations- network partners – on monitoring, advocacy and educate what related to general freedom &politics involved with elections, human rights, corruptions and authorities performance.


    "EIN" Vision:


    Independent, unified and democratic Iraq based on uprightness and transparency institutional system configure regional and international ideal, "EIN" is being considered as umbrella to coordinate the work between civil society organizations to conduct its work in effective & commanding manner.


    "EIN" mission:


    "EIN" is a network of None Governmental and Non- profit Iraqi organizations covering all Iraqi regions.

    EIN is working on:


    1.Monitoring, Awareness, Advocacy in the following fields:


    •Human rights.


    •Implementing the constitutions through performance & legislations.


    2.Developing civil society organizations abilities.






    "EIN" has expertise in:

    •Training the trainers for: monitoring of elections, media monitoring, observing the human rights & administrational corruptions violations.

    •Preparing the national level reports.

    •Developing the NGOs abilities.

    •Creating strategic plans for local & national projects.

    •Building Data base and conducting statistic analyses.

    •Conduct field surveys.

    •Managing the biggest national projects.

    •To held local & national workshops, meetings and conferences.



    "EIN" achievements:


    a.Monitoring the Iraqi elections in January 30 2005 in all of Iraqi regions.

    b.Monitoring Iraqi voter's registration, in all of Iraqi regions.

    c.Monitoring the general referendum on Iraqi constitutional draft in October 15 2005, in all of Iraqi regions..

    d.Monitoring the Iraqi parliament elections in December 15 2005, in all of Iraqi regions.

    e.Participated in Arabian workshops about developing the performance & uprightness of elections process/ Cairo, March 12-13 2006.

    f.Has many achievements on Media, technical, planning, training, projects implementation mechanisms and liaise levels with (governmental, non- government institutions and VIPs persons).

    g.The net organizations have many achievements on local & national levels.

    h.We implemented the electoral advocating Law referendum from both public & elite project.

    i.We implemented the public monitoring authorities' performance project.


    The donations delivered to "EIN":






    Organizational structure:

    a.Board of directors.

    b.Board of executives.

    c.Partner organizations.


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